Color Grading

Color Grading

12 Bit Color Display All you need to be exact

This means more bits of information to store all the colors and brightness in between without incurring banding.

Color Grading

New WorkflowMaintain the quality

Thanks to our proven workflows, we will be able to maintain the original quality of the footage at all times.

Color Grading

ACES ReadyThe Academy® Standar

ACES (Academy Color Encoding Systems) is a series of guidelines and specifications for every type of color management, from image capture to post-production to distribution.

Color Grading

Give your project an-extra punch.

We have the most powerful DaVinci Resolve in the market: equipped with 9.000 Cores CUDA and 2.500 MB/s transference speed via RAID. Thanks to the 3 Titan graphic cards allows us to work in real time regardless of the original file format.


We have a 25" Flanders CM250 Oled Monitor and a 12Bits 2KP Barco projector, calibrated with the awarded LightSpace CMS set to the color space REC 709, REC 2020 and P3. 

We also offer a Sound Dolby 7.1, cinema seats for up to 24 people ... and an incredible quality of projection.


Color Grading lastest projects


Directed by: Grégory Hervelin & Aurélie Herrou


Directed by: Manuela Burló